Sunday, August 7, 2011

(Aug 7) Deliverance

It's been more of the same this year. We search for a while and then we get discouraged. We give it a break and start back up when we can't sit still any more. Today's property filled some needs but fell very short in others. We found 10 acres out East of the Metroplex for a reasonable price. Some pasture, mostly wooded. Deep and fenced. It sounded very promising. Our hope dimmed as we got closer and closer. The land was very pretty. That wasn't the problem. Huge oak trees and sandy soil with some terrain made this some of the prettiest land we've seen yet. The problem was the neighborhood. This was something straight out of Deliverance. Less than a mile away, on the only road to the property, was a compound of mobile homes, which would be fine if half of them were not abandoned and rotting. The others that were standing and occupied were adorned with yards full of trash and wrecked automobiles. Hairy men in dirty tank tops and overalls gathered around a burn barrel in the front yard drinking beer and drooling! I've been known to drink beer and drool, however the setting was a little different.  I didn't think that in-breeding was still popular in America. No, this would not do at all. I would spend all of my nights sitting in a deer blind going over the story in my head why I had to shoot my 3rd neighbor in as many months! Maybe that explains why the neighbor, on the other side of this beautiful picturesque acreage, had their property fenced with curled barbwire atop a tall chain-link fence. Literally! What a pity. This is truly a picturesque piece of land, right out of Mayberry. The search continues.