Wednesday, February 26, 2014

(Feb 26) Roofing Steel Goes On

Wow. we had some pretty cool weather (for Texas) in the 20's and we had a lot of ice on the roof. I'm glad we took the extra time to put the plastic sheeting down. I think the tar paper would have held but I was happy to have the extra layer anyway. We built a frame of PT 2x4s and 2x3s as a perimeter around the roof and then across in rows every 2'. This will give us a frame to screw the roofing to without risking holes all the way through to the interior.

Now we begin putting on the steel panels. Took a while to lay them out and figure out the overlaps and where to begin and where we would end but once we got the pattern down, we were able to cut the steel with a circular saw using the blade turned backwards. I was surprised how well it cut. We ripped the 1st piece to start the pattern and make sure we ended on a valley that we could attach at the other end of the roof. We ruined the first blade which was a nice carbon steel tipped one. The next one which was a plain wood framing blade worked fine. The screws were self-tapping with a rubber gasket under the built in washer. We also used butyl tape (sticky putty stuff that comes in ½" wide rolls) to seal between each overlap. I was tempted to pull a chalkline to set my screw pattern but I remembered a blog where someone was talking about being able to see their chalk lines even 3 years after they put the roof on. The panels were only 30" across so it was not a problem setting the 1st and last screw and then going back later and filling in the gaps between. Kim had to constantly reassure me not to over do the screws. Enough to hold it on securely but the more screws we put in it, the more opportunities for leaks. I agreed and successfully held my OCD in check, at least for this leg of the project! :)

We worked pretty hard to make sure the bottom edge, which would be the most visible, was nice and straight. I think it came out pretty nice. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

(Feb 23) Bulding Is Mostly Weatherproof

Got all of the windows and door installed last week so this week we put down the final layer of subfloor. We had the original ¾" Advantech decking down and attached to the frame. Thought it handled the couple of months of weather it was exposed to just fine, we decided that we wanted a virgin layer of flooring down on top of that, something a bit smoother that the final floor would sit on. We put another layer of tar paper on top of the Advantech and then laid down the 7/16 OSB decking. Where we had screwed the Advantech down to the frame, this time I used the air gun and pins. It went much quicker. Looks and feels great! I can't wait to get flooring down on it though that will be quite some time as we have to build out the bathroom and sheetrock the whole place first. It's Really bright inside with all of the windows and the silver radiant barrier. At night a single flashlight pointing up to the ceiling lights up the whole place. Hmmm. Maybe we could use radiant barrier as our final wall covering. Think of the efficiency of the lights. You could probably read anywhere in the whole cabin by one candle set in the middle of the floor. Oh well. Just a thought. ;) To remind us that we are still exposed in the rafters, a bird build a nest and layer eggs on top of the wall this week. Didn't have the heart to tear it down. We'll figure out how to co-exist for a while. Besides, the birds were here 1st. At least we won't be camping in the tent anymore!! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

(Feb 14) Happy Valentine's Day, Honey

What better way to say I love you on St. Valentine's Day than installing windows in your new Tiny House! Thrilled that they came in and we were able to get started placing them. Decided to do the bathroom first since it was the smallest. Using a rubber flashing that glues to the side of the building. Between this and 20 tubes of silicone caulk under Hardiboard, I don't think we will ever have a problem with the windows leaking. 

Making good time as we got all of the windows and the door placed this weekend. We were nervous about placing the door but the fact that the frame was really straight made it go very smoothly. Door (and windows for that matter) opens and shuts with one finger. Very happy with how sturdy it feels. Found this steel door with the tall light in the middle on sale at Home Depot for $179. Not a bad deal.  Windows were on sale also. Got 9 windows totaling 114 SF of glass for just under $700. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

(Feb 9) Another Side Up

 Looking more and more like a house all the time. Couldn't be happier with how the siding is going on.

Final wall done. I'm wishing now I had either gotten a taller door or shorter windows! I guess I'll get used to the look after a while. I'm wishing I had also spent the extra money and gotten one large window per side (North & South) instead of the 2 side-by-sides. We were just worried about the weight and handling windows that big across. Would have put a serious dent in the budget if we had dropped one. Should have lots of viewing area though with 9 large windows in a 20' long house. :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

(Feb 3) Via Con Dios, Mi Amigo

My dear friend and brother in life lost his year long battle with cancer today. Gone are the dreams of living in the woods in his own little house, surround by his friends. I can't express how deeply this loss will effect me. For nearly 10 years he has been a regular and sometimes constant part of mine and my family's lives. Never a cross word. Never a selfish act. I never got the feeling that he wanted any thing but my friendship. A true companion and the brother that I had to wait 40 years to find. We love you and miss you already, my friend. You have a been blessing that we will never forget and your memory will live with us here in the woods forever!

Mexico 5, Brazil 1

Mexico 5, USA 0

Jorge with Jose & Maria at his baptism

He loved his grandkids dearly!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

(Feb 1) Exterior Walls and Weatherproofing

We continue to make progress on the exterior walls. The tar paper seems to be harder to work with than the siding though. I think next time we will try Tyvek instead. We went ahead an spent the little extra to get the siding with radiant barrier for the East, South and West sides. Figured there wasn't much sense in it for the North side as it never sees the sun.