Saturday, January 1, 2011

(Jan 1) The Search

Happy New Year!

As we enter our 3rd year looking for the "property of our dreams", we find frustration more common than prospects. It would be hard enough looking on one's own. It would be hard enough if you actually had the funds available to pursue such a dream. It would be hard enough without the daily responsibility of work. With all of those piled up against the door, it's nearly impossible to open. My wife and kids, adored and cherished, are so patient with me. I drag them from location to location looking for that which will fulfill a need that I can't abandon, can't shake from my daily thoughts. The need to have a plot of land, wooded and serene. Something to take me back to my childhood. Something to comfort me in later years. We really can't afford it. There are so many other priorities at the moment. We can't agree on what it should look like much less where it should be. Our schedules keep us from looking very often. But, if we don't look, don't compare, how will we ever feel satisfied that "this is the one." We have to get some idea of what the market looks like, what constitutes a bargain. What presents itself as a total bundle - price, location, neighborhood, texture of the land. We'll keep a good attitude this year and take the mantra of "It will happen when it's supposed to." Wish us luck!

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  1. AMen-doing same. I truly thought the land would be found within a year! Not to be-but God knows where it is! My 18 yr old son is excited, as am I. We lived in a resort where we had fires and BBQ's every nite. Then ended up in an APARTMENT> Oh NO. I am so happy your dreams came to fruition! I am going to read All you have here to help me from making mistakes. <3 Love and Blessings, Ailaine