Saturday, December 31, 2011

(Dec 31) End of another year

 Happy New Year, Everyone!

Well, we are no closer to finding our dream property. We've made numerous trips this year with nothing but miles on the car and disappointments. The good news is that we are closing in on what each other will tolerate. Kim is more in-tuned with the neighborhood aspect and I am more driven by the texture and lay of the land. I always cringe when I find a pretty piece of property. Her first instinct is to drive the neighborhood, in all directions, to get a feel for the properties around us.  Then she explains why she wouldn't want to live here and has a list of reasons.  Sometimes she doesn't even bother to get more than 10 feet from the car because she already knows this is not where she wants to live no matter how beautiful the property is.  Usually her instinct proves to be true. Pretty pieces of land for cheap are planted in the middle of BAD neighborhoods. At least she's here to keep me in check! lol I'm much more of the "Grab, Smash and Haul it into the woods" type. This coming year will be about trusting each others instincts and enjoying the road trips, rather than being disappointed when we don't find the perfect match. Happy New Year everyone! I hope you spend the next 12 months with someone you love!  I know I will.

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