Monday, September 22, 2014

(Sep 22) Lift 'em up, boys!

Kim proved to be the smarter member of this team again this week. She STRONGLY suggested that we rent a drywall lift for our task of covering the ceiling with sheetrock. I didn't see a problem with lifting 50 lb sheets over our heads while standing on ladders while trying to load and use a drill to secure them to steel beams 11 feet up over the floor. So, I humored her and we rented the lift from Rental Stop in Arlington and headed out. Wow! Turns out the $31 rental (for the whole weekend) was invaluable. She was dead on. We had enough trouble getting things into place and attached without the burden of trying to hold the sheets up over our heads with one arm. I'm making notes - "Listen to Kim more often!" We got everything except the loft covered in the two days we were out here with it and could not have done this much work in 3 weekends without it. I'm also glad I grabbed a 2nd box of screws while we were at Hooten's on Saturday as we went through the 1st box quickly. The last couple of sheets, we just tacked up into place. There was no time on Sunday to finish placing all of the screws necessary. We can finish those up next trip.

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