Sunday, May 4, 2014

(May 3) Siding Going On

Can't believe how everything burst to life this past couple of weeks. I've been amazed at how long the trees hold out before they put on their leaves. Here, we've sided the front and even set the window frames. We won't do the battens though until we have put on the soffit. That way we can seal they as we go. Otherwise, we would have to notch out each soffit for each batten. Way too complicated. I think we picked a good location. we only get about an hour of sunlight on the building per day. Best defense against the Texas heat is to stay in the shade. In the winter, after the trees lose their leaves, we'll get plenty of sun to keep the place warm during the day. I've got my sweetie to cuddle with at night. Life is good!

Thanks Riley, for all of the help painting the Hardi siding. We gave it a quick coat on the back even though it was already primed and then 2 coats on the front. Found out afterwards though, when we got another gallon of paint, that even if they follow the same formula, you can't always guarantee a match. We're going to have to go back over and paint at least part of one wall to make it consistent. Don't think anyone will notice that the front is just a shade lighter but it was too much when the 2 colors were right next to each other on the same wall .

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