Monday, October 27, 2014

(Oct 27) BluePrints

Thought I would put the design of the cabin out here so that people might get a better idea of scale inside.

Cabin is 12'x20' exterior dimensions.
One door at Living Room side.
9 Windows.
Bathroom is 3'x8' interior.
TV cabinet with rising TV (behind chairs)

This 1st image is with everything closed. The table is locked against the bed closet (between the sink and the sofa) which is closed as well as the table that's against the TV cabinet behind the chairs.

In this image, the table that's attached to the TV cabinet has been opened and the chairs turned around to work/dine in front of the window facing north. I imagine this will be our most common configuration when it's just the 2 of us. You could also open up the kitchen table at this point to accommodate up to 9 people for dinner - 4 at kitchen table, 2 at TV cabinet table in chars and 3 eating off of TV trays on the sofa. Of course, you might have to make reservations for the single restroom in advance, but hey, you've got 12 acres to help accommodate the more adventurous of the group!

In this image, the table hanging from the bed had been extended. Actually, half of the table as it is hinged in the middle.

In this image, the table has been fully extended. The sofa has been moved to the corner for additional space.

Here, the TV Cabinet table has been opened and the bed cabinet has been opened. Notice the bed cabinet, which is 7' tall doubles as a privacy screen for the bed. By using a Queen Short (standard size in RVs), we can maintain 15" between the end of the bed and the bathroom wall for easy passage. It's really nice sometimes to be average height!

Here, the bed cabinet has been opened and the bed lowered as well as the table off of the cabinet door. This now functions as a work/eating table for one person on the sofa. The door to the bed cabinet helps screen off the living area if someone wants to stay up and work on their computer or watch TV. The IKEA closet door can also be opened up to help close off the bedroom area.

Here the dining table has been fully extended to accommodate 2 people sitting on the sofa. You could also pull the chairs around to handle 4 people sitting around the table, 5 if you put a folding chair at the end.

Here the sofa has been opened up as a sleeper as well as the Murphy bed. The bed cabinet acts as a screen between them. We made sure the front door still opens fully for safety. The chairs can be pulled around to face each other and make a small bed for a child. Be sure and secure them together so they don't spread apart in the night.

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