Friday, May 15, 2015

(May 15) Update after the rains

Just had to come out to the property after the torrential rains we've had over the past couple of weeks. Happy to report that other than a wet driveway, everything was in great shape out at the property. Creek is full! Neighbor's ponds are full! But, no leaks and no downed trees. I also needed to pick up my camp stove as we are cooking for a friend's wedding in next couple of days. We decided to practice again last night as we were prepping. It's actually a lot of work to get ready to feed 120 people! :)

These were actually great. Little burger sliders with fresh veggies and Honey Wheat buns. The cold beer and margaritas helped a little too! :) 

Stopped to take a picture of this Blue Tailed Skink by Tiny House. First we've seen out here. Varieties range from Australia to all of North and South America. Nature gets the best colors! 

Wanted to also send out a big "Thanks" to Diane at Master Lock. We had a lock fail this week and she was very helpful and courteous in processing the order for a replacement, free of charge. We've always liked Master Lock and this reinforces that loyalty. They actually put in an order for production of a new lock that matches our key since we purchased a 4 pack of locks a couple of years ago and didn't want to have to carry 2 sets of keys. I love it when companies get Customer Service right! I don't mind that products occasionally fail. I just want to know that the company will stand behind them.

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