Monday, September 21, 2015

(Sep 20) Bathroom Door Hung

Glad to say, we got Kim's barn door hung in the house this weekend. She's been wanting a sliding door for ages. :) The kit we got from HD worked like a champ and came with everything we needed except for a sturdy wall and the door itself.


During (yes, I am still wearing my TCU pajamas! :)  Go FROGS!)


We had to calculate where the hardware would attach on the bathroom wall and then move a shelf to intersect it and be the support beam to screw into. Since barn style doors don't fit flush against the wall, we also had to play with the positioning a bit to make sure that you weren't on display while taking a shower. If you' feel the need to be an exhibitionist, just leave the door open. :)

Routing the bottom of the door for the rudder took a little effort as I was challenged to figure out how to get the router set to the proper depth. Yes, Jay, you have to be smarter than what you're working with!  We also ended up sanding off the bottom of the door a little as there was a high spot in the flooring.

Challenges aside, I do think it came out looking nice. We've decided to not use our bar in it's current form as it would be so tall as to hide the door and desk area. Instead, we'll modify it or build something into a standing bar that you can see over while sitting at the desk. This will give a workspace feel but not close you in while working on the computer.

Part of an entertainment center we picked up at Restore. Ran lighting and turned into a bar. 

We adjusted the burners on the stovetop and the oven. Only difficulty was finding a super skinny flathead screwdriver that was long enough to reach through the knob stem of each burner. I still have some work to do on the broiler. Either I didn't change the regulator over when I adapted the stove for propane or something is off because we still had a 6" flame shooting out of it instead of the 1" that it should be.

Speaking of stoves - we had parmesan cheese pasta for dinner on Saturday and fixed some great grilled cheese wraps (Jay Wraps as my family calls them) for lunch on Sunday after we got the door set. Grill both sides of a flour tortilla. Generously sprinkle after you turn it over with grated cheese. Add your choice of meat - ham, chicken, lunchmeat, etc - along with your choice of grilled mushrooms, bell peppers and onions with a drizzle of mustard and mayo. Salt, pepper and garlic powder to top it off. Take it out when the 2nd side is brown and crispy. Roll it up and serve with sides (guac, salsa picante, sour cream) or plain. They're kind of a crispy flour taquito with dinner ingredients. Best to hang out in the kitchen. You can't wait around for everyone to get theirs to start eating these. This is a meal where everyone is definitely on their own. Gotta eat 'em hot out of the skillet. I eat mine while I'm cooking 'cause there's no time to sit down. More than 3 people, better get a 2nd skillet cooking! :)

2nd half of Sunday, we plotted on how to finish out the bathroom and build our loo. We want to stick with the compost bucket but definitely want a urine diverter. I'll run a pipe down through the floor and out to a leach line and down the hill behind the house. We just have to work out the details of the lid and storage areas for peat moss and paper waste.

I brought out my Kill A Watt meter (measures all things to do with electricity usage for AC appliances. I love this thing! Everyone who's going Tiny should have one of these to help understand how much electricity each of your appliances draws) and hooked up the new fridge. It runs from 6 watts at rest to about 140 watts when the compressor kicks in. After a few minutes, it drops to 110 watts and then shuts off. I'll leave it hooked up for a couple of days to get a feel for how much total power it draws over a longer period.

We're trying to see how much battery power it will take to keep the fridge going during the week while we're gone. The 2 deep-cell batteries right now that I have hooked up have about 200 amp hours of juice when charged. If we only want to run them down to about 50% of this, that would give us 100 amp hours to play with before they would have to be recharged. This should be plenty to run the fridge for a couple of days without sunshine. We may add another pair of batteries to the mix just to have extra power to use while we're there. It'll be really nice to leave the fridge stocked and running throughout the week once we get the solar panels installed next month. We'll also run on battery power at night when we don't need to run the generator/air conditioner. To make it easier to read, be sure and pick up a short grounded (no pun intended) extension cord. This way, you don't have to get down on your knees and read the meter while it's plugged into the wall.

One last bit of work on Sunday, we routed the power cable for the lights in the IKEA PAX closet to the back rear of the unit and drilled a hole in the unit to run the power cord out to the outlet. I had to shave some of the plastic off of the plug to get it through the hole but that was better than drilling a larger hole. We put split loom on the cord to blend in with the black interior of the closet. I'm really happy with this unit and look forward to adding a 2nd set of drawers. It offers a lot of storage and makes good use of our vertical space.

Split loom - 10' roll of 1/2" and 3/8"

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