Saturday, February 16, 2013

(Feb 16) Good to have some help

Stephanie (Kim's daughter), her husband Dave and Kim's grandson Riley came out on Saturday with us. Dave really got busy on clearing the drive way. We spent much of the day burning off the cuttings in the chiminea. Really need to get a bigger fire going. I just don't feel comfortable until we have some source of water. Need to put an ad in for a water trough to use as a giant burn ring. We stayed until dark and then had dinner at Don's. Was good as it was before. Hopefully we can all camp out there as the weather gets milder. Nights were still down in the 30's this week. Just a bit chilly with no option for heat. Kim and I stayed in Emory at the Best Western. Really nice room for $80/night. We got started early and stayed until 3:00 the next day and finished clearing the driveway all the way to the road down the middle of the property. Got to use the chain saw for the first time out here. We are still undecided as to where to put the 1st structure instead of the shipping containers we had originally thought. Just no way to get them back into the woods without clearing a lot of trees. Now we're considering a Tumbleweed style house on a trailer for the first. That way, we could move it as we are working on different areas of the property. Also, shouldn't be counted as permanent building and incur taxes. Need to locate a trailer to start with. Really trying to keep the initial cost around $1000. Found some goose-neck trailers that would do nicely. Just need to find something in the price range we need and a size we can transport. Really torn between this and a little cabin. Still have plenty of time to work it out.

Stephanie staying warm by the chiminea

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