Sunday, February 10, 2013

(Feb 10) Howling good time

Headed back to Point after a break for a couple of weeks to let Kim heal, (no pun intended :0  ) The girls were tired and wanted to sleep in and stay home today. We restocked the first aid kit and were on our way. We picked up some more stakes and decided to mark out the driveway extension. We found a pretty good path and were able to keep the opening at least 14' wide while avoiding taking out any large trees. We also brought out a couple of bird feeders. Really looking forward to Spring and the increase in wildlife. We stayed until well after dark just sitting and listening to the coyotes howl as the the moon made it's way across the clear skies.  I imagine it will be a nightly affair. In fact, I'll be sad some day if civilization encroaches enough to run them off more than it has already. Sounds like they're about a 1/2 a mile away. Close enough to be loud but not close enough to see their glowing little eyes. The coyotes settle down after about 3-4 minutes and night settles in. Sound travels really well in this still cold air. You can hear cars several miles away and every plane that comes overhead. Thankfully there are not many of either.  The moon is very bright and creates heavy black shadows that slowly move across the camp. The warm glow of the chiminea draws us closer as the temps fall into the 30s.

Moon rising at about 9:30. Very bright tonight. Not too bad a shot considering we didn't have a tripod.

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