Tuesday, December 31, 2013

(Dec 31) Prepping for Roof

Now that all of the walls were secure, we started laying out braces for the rafters. Another area where steel is a little different than wood but a whole lot stronger. In wood, you would cut a notch out of the rafter and set it on top of your top plate. With steel, we put a brace to accept the rafter on top of the top plate. No notching necessary. Steel also carries about a 2500 pound tear resistance compared to wood at about 500 pounds. Yes we're mostly sheltered in the trees but with this roof design, there is still going to be a lot of lift pulling on the walls.

We've still got to get the window and door openings framed in on the west side. The strap running at 4' and 8' heights around the interior are for attaching sheetrock to. We had thought about adding some diagonal strap too but thought that the material buildup would be too much. Besides, the OSB sheets will give it a ton of strength against racking.

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