Sunday, December 15, 2013

(Dec 15) Walls start to appear

Once we got all of the track in place, I couldn't wait to get our first wall started. I had been reading about framing through the week and was pretty sure of how it was supposed to go but not having done it yet, there's always that little bit of apprehension. It went very smoothly. The studs are light enough that I could stand them up and put a single screw into the base to hold it in place. Then I screwed the 3 pieces together to make the corner. Then I went back and finished screwing bottom of the studs to the track. checking for level both directions.

The rest of the studs went along just like the corner. A little slower as I had to lay them out according to where the windows were going to be set.

Once we got all of the studs for that wall done, we laid a track across the top and secured it. This is where my inexperience cost us a lot of time and extra thought. The supply house where we get the steel had 10' pieces of track in stock but I never thought to ask if I could get it any longer. Turns out I could have ordered it to fit the top of the wall and I wouldn't have had to spend the time to figure out how to splice together 2 10' pieces. I had already bought all I needed for the perimeter so I guess I'm stuck doing it this way on all 4 walls. I'll know better next time.

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