Saturday, November 22, 2014

(Nov 22) Furry Creatures and Fall weather is here

Just wanted to throw out some various pics. Have a great week and we hope everyone enjoys the Thanksgiving holiday!

 Our rowdy cat, Clarence, poses for a portrait on his climbing tree. He really is a good cat, he just acts like the teenager he is a little too often. 

 There is a ranch on the way out to our property that has a variety of exotics including Zebras, Camels, Highland Cattle, Water Buffalo and American Bison. We always get a kick out of taking friends and relatives out to see the cabin. As we're driving along, they get this funny look on their face and just start pointing as we drive by. "What's wrong? You look like you've never seen a Camel eating dinner with a Bison." The Zebras typically herd with the horses they have and look just a bit confused. 

 We started seeing a lot more color change this weekend. Leaves were falling solid all weekend also. I love the roads out here when they cover with leaves in the Fall. :)

The last of my Chili Pequin crop for the year. I love these little peppers. Chop up a couple and put 'em in a bowl of chili or stew. They're so good! With the freezes getting stronger, I'll lose these pretty soon. I've picked as many as I want for the year and the Mockingbirds are absolutely plump they've been eating so many. I've scattered a bunch of peppers in various spots around the cabin hoping some will root out at the new property. These are the only native pepper plant to North America and have been around since Native Americans were moving into the area. There are no hybrid versions so all will propagate just fine so if you find a friend with a plant, grab a few peppers and plant them in the yard. They tend to do better if they get to go through a winter. They thrive in full sun and once established, they'll come back year after year and give you huge crops of spicy little bombs!

Our breakfast buddy! Doesn't seem to matter how much food I put on the ground, he insists on eating out of the bird feeder! Our windows are tinted with a mirrored film. We can stand right in front of him and he can't see us. I'm sure he's looking in the mirror and wondering when he put on all of the weight!

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