Sunday, November 23, 2014

(Nov 23) Tools and Society

I really wish that we as a society could be trusted to be responsible with others' tools. I would love to loan out items for people that have a need, just as I would love to borrow items that I only need occasionally. If we could collectively share, we could economize. Seems though that I'm constantly reminded how irresponsible some can be. I've loaned tool sets to have them returned missing components. "Hmm, not sure where those missing sockets got to. I'll let you know if I find them. Thanks for letting me use 'em!" "Gee, it just kinda quit while I was cutting up that tree. It did start pouring smoke out right before then too. You might need to get that looked at." "Sorry about the dent in the bumper. The wife backed into it this morning. She ain't used to havin' another car in the drive. You got a beer for the road before I head out?" Amazing! I finally had to start saying no to most. I do still have a very small and select group that I trust with my stuff. Those few, like myself, that belong to the "I'll bring it back in the same condition or I'll buy you another one" group. Anyway, just saying that we could all get a lot more done with a lot less money if we took it to heart. I had thought about starting a co-op for tools. Everyone would pay $5-$10 per month to join. You would have to bring a list of items that you had for loaning. Think of the resources with only 40-50 members. The membership fees would go into a pool to fix or replace items that were damaged or failed. If the fund grew enough, you could then use it to buy new equipment that the majority wanted. How nice it would be to have every tool and piece of equipment you needed at your fingertips!

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