Thursday, January 1, 2015

Friends & Fellow Tiny House Dwellers

Tiny House Blog - Kent Griswold
A Bed Over My Head - BA Norgard
The Big Tiny - Dee Williams
Off Grid And Underground - Steve Rees
The Tiny Life - Ryan Mitchell
This Is The Little Life - Lina Menard
Let's Build A Tiny House - Kyle & Jennifer
Equinunk Cabin - Adam & Karen
The Life Center - Wayne Seboro
Tiny House  Growing Family - Bjorn & Bailey Carlson
The Workhouse - Conor Mccann
Tiny Cob Cottage - Craig
The Tiny Tack House - Chris & Malissa Tack
Another Tiny House Story - Jess & Dan Sullivan
Shedsistence - Robert & Samantha
Long Story Short House - Joe Coover
Big Lake ~ Tiny House - Pete & Erin
A Tiny Home Story - Cory Jean
Life in 120 Square Feet - Laura LaVoie & Matt
The Tiny House-Wife - Jordan Check
Living Tiny Canada
DIY House Building - Tom & Shaye

Texas Tiny Houses (Texas)
DIY Tiny Homes (California)
Tennessee Tiny Homes (Tennessee)
Tiny Home Builders (Florida)
Tiny Treasure Homes (California)
Nomadic Cabins (Texas)
Tiny Mountain Houses (California, Washington, Oregon)

Tiny House Plans:
Tiny Modern Homes (Custom Home design by Cory Hagen)
Four Lights Houses (Jay Shafer)
Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
Tiny House Design
Country Living
Pinterest Tiny House Plans Board (Just one of many)

Component Resources:
Tiny House Basics

For Sale/Rent:
Tiny House Listings
Tiny House Swoon
Tiny House Living
Tiny House For US
Tiny House Post (TH related classified ads)

FaceBook Pages:
DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts
Tiny Yellow House &
Small House Smitten
Tiny House Resource Group
Tiny House Swoon
Tiny Quality Homes
Living Off The Grid
The Not So Tiny, Tiny House On Wheels
The Life Village

Tiny House Communities:
Simply Home Community (Portland, OR)
DFW Ecovillage (North Texas)
FourLights Tiny House Village (Sonoma, CA)
Quixote Village (Olympia, WA)
Caravan Tiny House Hotel (Portland, OR)
Opportunity Village (Eugene, OR)
Tiny House Village (San Francisco, CA)
Tiny House Community Startup (Portland, OR)
Spur, Texas - Tiny House Friendly (Spur, TX)
The Sanctuary Minnesota - (Ogilvie, MN)

Newsletters & Publications:
Tiny House Newsletter & Tiny House Talk - Alex Pino
Small House, Big Decisions - Mother Earth Series following Jennifer & Tyler Kongs
Four Lights - Jay Shafer

Stories of Others:
Great Location By Grand Canyon - Michelle Baird
Underground Earth Sheltered Tiny Home
Energy Expert Builds Off-Grid Home
Tiny r(E)volution - Andrew & Crystal Odum
Vina Lustado

Energy Conservation:
Paul Scheckel - Energy Consultant


  1. Thanks alot for the feature! Also, Great reliable information and so organized! Awesome. I`ll link this post in my resource page!

  2. Thanks for checking us out! Hope you've had a great Spring. We're really making a push to be through with all of our construction by the end of this month. It's been a long 3 years!! LOL Hope to meet everyone at TH Jamboree this summer. Give us a shout if you're there. :)