Sunday, July 19, 2015

(Jul 19) Still Working On The Storage Building

Work continues on our storage building. We now have 3 walls put up. I am determined to get tar paper put up on the roof next trip. There was no rain scheduled for the next week so I really wasn't worried about the tools getting wet and I was just too wiped out to climb back up there Sunday afternoon to finish it. Finally remembered to bring our Little Giant folding ladder out this weekend. Mad it so much easier to climb up and down off of the 12' roof!

East side of storage building with metal cut along roofline. 

West side of storage building. Still need to cut metal along roofline. 

We also worked on an interior wall. Still a little bit to seal it off but we're making progress. Wish we had framed out the East wall in the same method we did the West, which went much smoother and is now completely sealed off. We will now have to do some planning on how we're going to seal off the South wall as well as install a ventilation fan and AC unit. I also want to cut a small window in the north side opposite of the door to be able to work with long strips of lumber. That way I could hang one end out the door and one end out of the window when cutting them on the contractor saw. Not going to get too elaborate as we are already drawing up plans for our workshop. The storage building will have to act as a small shop until we can make some progress that way though.

Interior East wall sheathed. We ripped a 2x4 to fill the gap between the OSB and the steel beam. 

This lizard found his reflection in our tinted window and spent some time on Sunday morning trying to psych it out. He would bob up and down and flare out trying to scare it. We had a pretty good laugh. I went out later and picked him up. Kim missed the photo opp where he bit my finger and was hanging on! LOL I'm so glad the dinosaurs are gone. A 20'-30' version of this guy would be pretty devastating! :)

Beautiful eyes on this lizard. Pretty good detail for a phone camera through a tinted window. :) 


  1. I enjoy reading your posts. We just moved onto a "tiny boat" ask me in a year how I like it....

    1. Thanks! I think I could enjoy a small house boat on a river. I saw an article last year about a couple that owned some land on a river. They had a house boat that they lived in but enjoyed the land to grow some crops. Are you traveling or pretty much staying in one spot? I grew up on the Texas coast in Rockport. Not sure I would want to be in a boat during a hurricane though! Saw my share of them. Scary enough from land.

  2. We are actually on a Sport Fisherman boat so it really isn't anything like a house boat....much to everyones shock. Our main salon is 9' x9.5' which has a head, galley and living area we also have a stateroom and another head. Outside has a big area for fishing. We are in a marina with about 200 slips. I am discovering things about myself everyday life is an adventure after all....