Monday, July 6, 2015

(Jul 6) Sleeping in Style

We spent the last couple of weekends working on the roof of the storage building and framing the east side wall. We had set the south header, cut the rafters and put them up, put in blocking (front, middle and back) and set all of the decking. By late afternoon yesterday, I was just too tired to put on the tar paper. I checked the forecast and there was only one day with a 20% chance of rain through the next week, so we decided that it could wait. It was so nice to move all of the large tools out of the house! It was also pretty nice to work in the shade through the day. It's the only thing that made the 95° and 85% humidity tolerable. I did get a little breeze when I was working up top. :)

Setting the last rafter on our storage unit - 12'x12' with 10'-12' ceiling.

As hard as it was getting the OSB up to the roof, it was even harder to get down off of the roof after I had it decked. The tallest ladder I had was 8'. I'll have to bring a taller version next week to finish up. I didn't even think about coming off of the side until I was already down.

We had a yard guest for the weekend. All of the rain this past couple of months has made conditions favorable for the local frog & toad population to explode. We literally have baby frogs every few feet across the property. This means that the population control units (snakes) have been feasting without stop. I was greeted by this guy (or gal) when I moved the generator cover to change the oil. I spotted him the day before in a wood pile near the cabin but couldn't get a close look at him before he took his leave into the logs. He was much less shy today. My best guess is a Black Rat Snake. I thought he was very handsome and he was quite docile compared to the Cottonmouth Moccasin we saw last year. Anyone from the Herpetologist Society care to comment? Light colored belly, round pupils, dull grey.

Baby Frog next to a quarter!

Snake in the yard by the generator. Maybe 4' long. Not too big yet!

American Leather Sleeper Sofa in Black Leather from Haverty's 
Newly hatched frog next to a quarter. Pretty tiny! Thousands of them this summer.

We got a major upgrade in our sleeping arrangements this weekend. We finally got our sleeper sofa picked up and brought out, thanks to my daughter and her boyfriend. At nearly 350 pounds, it was way too much for Kim and I to handle by ourselves. It was so nice to sleep on a real mattress instead of a pair of air mattresses held together by sheets as we have for the past 2 years. :) American Leather,  Ellis model. This was by far the best combination of a comfortable sofa along with a great sleeper option we found. We chose the queen size in black leather and there was plenty of room. :) 

Next week, we continue working on the storage shed. Hope to get at least 2 additional walls up and get the roof covered. We're also going to bring out and assemble our IKEA PAX closet. That'll be a full evening of fun! :) It's a good thing Kim and I get along so well. Putting together furniture can be a real strain on your relationship, I'm told! We've done really well building a house and storage unit so far, I don't think a wardrobe will give us any grief.  See ya then!

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