Sunday, May 15, 2016

(May 16) Composting Toilet Cabinet

I was so grateful and appreciative that our friends, Cory & Rob, came out this weekend to spend time and help on the Tiny build. Cory was tasked putting his very extensive Sketchup talents to work designing a bench for our composting toilet. I love seeing someone do in 5 minutes what it would take me hours to do! :) Here's the build as it progressed.

Cory, working on the frame

Basic Frame done

Cut the tops out of Maple plywood and started installing hinges. We also installed the porcelain tiles on the front face. 

Main toilet cavity open 

Both doors open. 

Hidden in the shadow, there is an electrical line hanging out of the sheet metal for an exhaust fan. The smaller compartment to the right will be for a materials (peat moss or sawdust) container. If we can't find something to fit the opening, we'll build a box out of plywood. I want to be able to pull the container out and refill it outside as there is a lot of dust kicked up when I do. 

Toilet lid in place

We couldn't find enough stainless steel hinges on our trip to town so we will have to work on the side door next time. Next, we will work on placement of the bucket and the urine diverter as well as plumbing to run out to a leech line that will be buried and run down hill from the back of the house.

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