Monday, May 23, 2016

(May 22) Painted House

I don't think I've seen Kim so excited as she was when we painted the house this weekend. "It's all one color!" she exclaimed! I must admit, it was a big milestone. We still have a little work to do on the roof, getting the last of the soffit up and getting the gutter up and plumbed into the cistern but for the most part, the outside is now finished! Woo Hoo! I can't wait to see how the front door comes out next week. Kim picked out a deep maroon color for it to give the house a splash of color.

I'd forgotten how much "fun" it is to haul a ladder around the house, twice! In our original plan, the house was supposed to be 4' taller at this North side. Glad things worked out like they did!

It looks gray but its actually a light green. Just depends on how the light is hitting it at the time. 

Yes, I need to take down the Christmas lights! LOL

Also happy to report that our solar panels are finally in full production. It's really exciting seeing billing meter roll back through the week. Hoping we can get enough production through the summer to offset our air conditioner. Even if not, having a $20-$30 electric bill through the summer will pretty amazing. We'll evaluate how much juice we use this year and see if it will be worth adding any additional panels to bring us to Net-Zero. Good to see a plan come to fruition. :)

Our 1st 4 Kilowatt hours produced. I tried to catch it at 1, but I had gone to town to get some supplies and it was at 4 when I returned that afternoon.  lol  Here's to 30 years of production! 

Hoping we get some work done next week. The forecast actually shows a good chance of rain for the next 12 days straight. :(  Can't wait.

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