Thursday, January 10, 2013

(Jan 10) CLOSED!

It's done! All of the paperwork approved and signed. Title insurance. Bank loan. Release of Lien. It's ours now. My parents and my sister Missy were up her for the funeral of dad's first wife, Julie. She will be truly missed! They decided to spend the day with me. I'm sure the title company was impressed when the 5 of us showed up to sign paperwork! :) Kim met us at lunchtime and went back to work. We continued on to the property afterwards. It all had a very special feel today. The trees looked a little taller. The dirt a little more fertile. The pride of ownership! It's my baby now. Mom and dad loved the property. We walked to the back and dad kept saying, "wow, I didn't realize 12 acres was so big! This is a lot of land." We spent a couple of hours just walking around and examining trees and the creek. Got a really big rain over the last couple of days, about 4 inches. I was really excited to see that there were only a couple of places where water was standing. The creek was full but hadn't overflowed. Plans are to dam up the creek, one level at a time as this will be the main source to fill our cisterns with irrigation water. We could probably pull 10,000 plus gallons from a rain like we had this week. That would go a long ways in helping water the trees during July and August. Dad was kicking around in the dirt by the front driveway and found a water meter! WOW! A water meter! We were told there were no utilities on the property. Guess the previous owner didn't know either. Didn't look like he ever spent any time here. It was just an investment for him. Thanks dad! Just saved us $1,200 and the embarrassment of having 2 water meters! LOL

My parents and my sister, Missy
Creek after big rain
Like money just laying there in the leaves! Was sure glad to see this.