Sunday, January 27, 2013

(Jan 27) Snap, Crackle, Pop

Came out today to show the property to the girls. The girls started to set up camp while Kim and I were walking a proposed drive way extension connecting to the little road in the middle of the property. We had been there a couple of hours when Kim fell and broke her right elbow as she tried to brace herself. We have been very conscious to bring the first aid kit and have some preparedness for emergencies. This was the reason. Got a sling out of the kit, an ice pack, and ibuprofen. Took us about 10 min to get everything packed back up and get on the road. She said it stopped hurting so bad once the ice pack was on it for a bit and the medicine kicked in so we decided to make the 90 mile trip back to Arlington for treatment. We took the girls to the house and drove to MCA hospital which is only about 10 min from the house. Spent the next couple of hours there. They x-rayed her elbow, put her in a soft wrap cast instead of a hard one, and set her up with an appointment to see an orthopedist the next day.  Finally, off we went with prescriptions for pain killers and such. It hurt worse the next couple of days but the Vicodin helped numb it a bit. At least then she didn't care about the pain so much.  Guess we won't be entering the 2 person lumberjack events this winter!

Kim with the chiminea, before the fall

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