Wednesday, January 2, 2013

(Jan 2) We now have an address

Yes, maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit but I wanted some progress! I called the Council of Governments office today to file for an address. They are the governing body that assigns such things so there is no confusion at the local county level. Very nice lady! Worked with me on where the exact location of the land was and how to assign a street address. She and I pulled up Google Maps to make sure we looked at the same thing. She then pulled up a 911 map to overlay. She eventually picked an address based on the other addresses around us. This will be submitted to the 911 database for Rains County. We are official. I really wanted this completed before we started working on the land in case someone is hurt and we have to call emergency services. Feels like progress even if we can't stay on the land yet!

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