Sunday, February 16, 2014

(Feb 14) Happy Valentine's Day, Honey

What better way to say I love you on St. Valentine's Day than installing windows in your new Tiny House! Thrilled that they came in and we were able to get started placing them. Decided to do the bathroom first since it was the smallest. Using a rubber flashing that glues to the side of the building. Between this and 20 tubes of silicone caulk under Hardiboard, I don't think we will ever have a problem with the windows leaking. 

Making good time as we got all of the windows and the door placed this weekend. We were nervous about placing the door but the fact that the frame was really straight made it go very smoothly. Door (and windows for that matter) opens and shuts with one finger. Very happy with how sturdy it feels. Found this steel door with the tall light in the middle on sale at Home Depot for $179. Not a bad deal.  Windows were on sale also. Got 9 windows totaling 114 SF of glass for just under $700. 

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