Sunday, February 23, 2014

(Feb 23) Bulding Is Mostly Weatherproof

Got all of the windows and door installed last week so this week we put down the final layer of subfloor. We had the original ¾" Advantech decking down and attached to the frame. Thought it handled the couple of months of weather it was exposed to just fine, we decided that we wanted a virgin layer of flooring down on top of that, something a bit smoother that the final floor would sit on. We put another layer of tar paper on top of the Advantech and then laid down the 7/16 OSB decking. Where we had screwed the Advantech down to the frame, this time I used the air gun and pins. It went much quicker. Looks and feels great! I can't wait to get flooring down on it though that will be quite some time as we have to build out the bathroom and sheetrock the whole place first. It's Really bright inside with all of the windows and the silver radiant barrier. At night a single flashlight pointing up to the ceiling lights up the whole place. Hmmm. Maybe we could use radiant barrier as our final wall covering. Think of the efficiency of the lights. You could probably read anywhere in the whole cabin by one candle set in the middle of the floor. Oh well. Just a thought. ;) To remind us that we are still exposed in the rafters, a bird build a nest and layer eggs on top of the wall this week. Didn't have the heart to tear it down. We'll figure out how to co-exist for a while. Besides, the birds were here 1st. At least we won't be camping in the tent anymore!! 

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