Saturday, January 11, 2014

(Jan 11) Capping the rafters

OK, I'm not afraid of heights but this did make me nervous a few times. Top of the roof on the north side is 13' high. There were several times, against my better judgement, that I ended up standing on top of the ladder to get a better angle. Since I couldn't coax Kim up here with me, I used ratcheting straps as I went along to hold the cap in place. Worked pretty well for an on-the-spot solution to my not having 6 hands. When I had them in place, I went up topside and laid down a sheet of plywood to sit on while I fastened the top of the cap with screws. Original plans had the cabin 2'-3' taller on all sides to accommodate a larger loft but with the ladders and tools we had, I'm glad we shortened it a bit.

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