Sunday, January 19, 2014

(Jan 19) The Roofing Begins

We decided to get the facia up first. We used HardiTrim and attached it with the air gun/pins. This way we would know our exact placement of the OSB and could lap it flush over the edge to ensure that if any water did get through the top layer, it would run off of the roof and not seep behind the facia. This was quite a task as we only had an 8' ladder and we were at 13' at the peak. Lots of me standing on my toes on top and hoping my balance would serve me well again. Luckily, no falls. As I look back on it, I'll get a larger ladder if the need arises again!

Kim and David would hand me up a sheet of OBB through the rafters. The tricky part was getting the first row secured. The others came much easier. We offset the seams for better stability.

Not too bad for stability. I'm sticking to walking on the rafters though. Riley was a lot of help on this trip passing stuff up to me. :)

David and I made quick work of pounding out the staples and securing the tar paper. Stuff was really slick to walk on afterwards though. I can see why people fall off of roofs on a regular basis! 

Here's the sunroof from the underside. Hoping the radiant barrier helps. Couldn't hurt for the extra $2/sheet it cost. 


  1. I love your house. That is awesome that you guys did that yourself. If you don't mind me asking....from what I understand, you designed the house yourself? Therefore, you bought all materials and it was not a kit?

    1. Thanks! Correct. We bought raw materials and built as we went along. We didn't have the money to buy all at once so we bought what we could each weekend and put it together a little at a time. The steel helped with this since there was no issue with it sitting in the weather until we got it dried in.