Sunday, January 12, 2014

(Jan 12) Finishing the Roof Frame

This was one of the more difficult pieces of the project so far. Getting the steel cut to the exact length and then getting it over the ends of the rafters. It would have helped to have another person in the middle on a 3rd ladder to keep it stable 'til we got it clamped into place. I can't stress enough how much the clamps help. You can't have too many and I usually found that the bigger the better. At times we would have to use a couple of pieces of Hardi or 2x4 to brace pieces together before we fastened them.

I wasn't quite sure how secure the cantilevers were going to be so I was conservative and only make them one foot. As soon as we started putting the roofing material on, I wished I had made them 2'-3' instead and given us a little extra shade/rain protection. Once the OSB and all of the braces were in place it was plenty sturdy and could have handled much more overhang.

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