Sunday, January 26, 2014

(Jan 26) Siding Begins

Got our first OSB siding up today! Woo Hoo! Used the reciprocal saw to cut out the window openings afterwards. It was pretty tough at times lifting the sheets into place and holding them there long enough get them clamped. We used the short pins and the air gun again for this task. The only issue was making sure that everything was tight and firm before you shoot the pins. They don't tighten things down as they go in like the screws. It happens so fast, everything is just frozen where it is. You risk loosening them if you pound too much with a hammer though you can tighten them down a bit. Best to get it set and right the first time. Starting to get a feel for what the building's going to look like finally. We made sure the OSB hung down below and covered the joint where the flooring meets the frame beams. Again, hopefully, if there are any leaks they will flow right over and off of the siding. After each sheet goes up, we go back and caulk with silicone sealant just to reduce the insect migration through the walls.

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