Saturday, June 1, 2019

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General Info:
Why We're Building A Tiny House
Photo Gallery
Solar Array Details
Thoughts On Heating the House
Building With Steel
Thoughts On The Tiny House Lifestyle
House Design Article
Don't Lose Sight Of Your Goals
Financial Reality
Tools & Society
How Your Building Shape Determines Efficiency Of Material Use
Friends & Fellow Tiny House Dwellers
Our Birds

The Land Purchase:

(Jan 1) The Search
(Aug 7) Deliverance (the movie, not salvation)
(Dec 31) End of Another Year

(Nov 28) A Great Property To Look At
(Nov 28) Eureka!
(Nov 30) Time To Show It Off
(Dec 4) An Offer is Made
(Dec 6) Done Deal!
(Dec 7) Scramble Time
(Dec 7) Planning Ahead
(Dec 10) Planning Our First Structure
(Dec 12) Our First Major Bump In The Road
(Dec 13) Get 'em While They're Hot!
(Dec 24) A Rock In The Road
(Dec 28) Extended Contract
(Dec 31) They Actually Found Her

(Jan 2) Loan Papers
(Jan 2) We Now Have An Address!
(Jan 10) Closed!
(Jan 14) The Work Begins
(Jan 19) Here Kitty, Kitty
(Jan 27) Snap, Crackle, Pop
(Feb 10) Howling Good Time
(Feb 16) Good To Have Some Help
(Feb 23) Mi Compadre, Jorge
(Feb 24) Burn, Baby, Burn
(Mar 2) Just A Work Day
(Mar 16) Spring Is Here
(Mar 25, 2013) Groundwork
(Mar 27) X Marks The Spot
(Mar 31) Wait A Minute, Mr Postman

The Build:

(Sep 2) Labor Day Weekend - The Foundation
(Sep 9) The Deck Is Done
(Nov 11) I Love The Fall
(Dec 15) Walls Start To Appear
(Dec 20) Window Framing
(Dec 27) 4 Corners
(Dec 31) Prepping For Roof

(Jan 4) Rafters Ahoy
(Jan 11) Capping The Rafters
(Jan 12) Finishing The Roof Frame
(Jan 19) The Roofing Begins
(Jan 26) Siding Begins
(Feb 1) Exterior Walls And Weatherproofing
(Feb 3) Via Con Dios, Mi Amigo
(Feb 9) Another Side Up
(Feb 14) Happy Valentine's Day, Honey
(Feb 23) Building is Mostly Weatherproof
(Feb 26) Roofing Steel Goes On
(May 3) Siding Goes On
(Jul 7) A Place To Clean Up After A Hard Day's Work
(Jul 13) Tame The Sun
(Aug 16) Electrical Wiring
(Sep 22) Lift 'em Up, Boys
(Sep 29) Ceiling Almost Done
(Oct 5) Ceiling Sheet Rocked
(Oct 14) Revised Electric Plan
(Oct 20) Calm And Easy Weekend
(Oct 24) House Design Article
(Oct 27) Bathroom Progress
(Oct 27) BluePrints
(Nov 2) Trimming The Shower & Enjoying The Woods
(Nov 9) Shelves, Finally!
(Nov 22) Furry Creatures & Fall Weather Is Here
(Nov 24) Bathroom Gets Some Attention
(Dec 8) Peaceful Times Between Cuttings
(Dec 15) Amazing Weather & Great Cookout

(Jan 1) Happy New Year!
(Jan 4) Kitchen Counter Build
(Jan 18) Drywall Going Up Nicely
(Jan 26) Taping & Bedding
(Feb 9) Storage Building Frame Goes Up
(Feb 15) Decking Down On The Shed
(Feb 19) Fridge & Stove Purchased
(Mar 1) Major Layout Changes
(Mar 6) Floor Plan Design Features
(Mar 15) One Wall Done On Storage Unit
(Mar 30) Flooring Installed
(Apr 5) Tongue & Groove Ceiling
(Apr 14) Cistern Has Arrived
(Apr 27) Really Productive Saturday
(May 4) Kitchen Sink Installed
(May 15) After The Rains
(May 15) I Love Our New Electric Company
(May 25) North Wall Sided
(May 31) 1st Window Trimmed
(Jun 14) Bathroom Wall Sided
(Jul 6) Sleeping In Style
(Jul 19) Still Working On The Storage Building
(Aug 2) Closed-Loop Shower System
(Aug 2) Cistern Set In Place
(Aug 16) Progress On The Kitchen
(Aug 23) IKEA Furniture and Microwave
(Sep 7) Kitchen Counter Finished
(Sep) 13 Kitchen Appliances Installed
(Sep 20) Bathroom Door Hung
(Sep 26) Builders Are People Too!
(Oct 18) Furniture Additions
(Nov 25) Happy Thanksgiving
(Dec 6) Power Pole and Meter Base Set
(Dec 22) Power System
(Dec 22) Solar Panels
(Dec 22) Christmas

(Jan 3) Starting the New Year!
(Jan 10) Bathroom Window Framed In
(Jan 24) Some Progress on Siding
(Apr 24) Tiny House Village at Earth Day 2016
(May 2) And The Rains Came Down
(May 9) Solar Array Details
(May 15) Windows Framed
(May 15) Composting Toilet Bench Built
(May 22) House Painted
(May 30) Kitchen Backsplash
(Jun 6) Cool Breeze :)
(Jul 4) Let Independence Ring
(Jul 10) Plumbing The Toilet
(Jul 19) Free At Last
(Jul 31) Roof Finally Finished
(Aug 5) 3 Year Anniversary and 1st Boarder

(Feb 27) Enjoying the New Year
(Mar 12) Beekeeping Prep
(Apr 23) Bees! Bees! Bees!
(Nov 11) Building Front Deck
(Dec 2) Laying Water Line

(Jan 5) Wall-Mounted Envi Heater Installed
(Jan 7) Heater Follow-Up and New Cabinet

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  1. Hi Jay,
    I am really enjoying reading ab out your steel frame home and the solar panels! I have been looking into building my 12x40 home with steel. I checked into purchasing a 'KIt". it is going to be 10ft tall at peak, shed roof, no loft, nothing special. Hi guestimate was $8,800, low was $8,300. I'm wondering what your steel framing cost you?, My kit was wall and roofing only - I know you built a steel foundation as well. I am no professional, but I have built on to our storage rooms, three times. AT 61, I am going to have to do most of this alone, and want not only the strength of the steel, but the light weight steel to ease the build. Could you tell me what the steel, only, ran you? I am looking through your BLOG for that info now. Thanks very much. If you want you can email me at Thanks again!