Thursday, December 6, 2012

(Dec 6) Done Deal!

We finally got a counter offer. Not as low as I would have liked but better than I was willing to go. I tell the realtor "let's stop wasting time negotiating and close this deal before something goes wrong." Everyone agrees. Contracts are signed and we move ahead. We tell the seller we want to close in 2 weeks and he agrees. Everyone wants this done by Christmas. I can't wait to spend my first night here! Still in shock that it has all come together after all of the time we spent looking, all of the 1000s of miles we drove to be disappointed. We both agree though, this was worth the wait! All of the other properties that had fatal flaws or just somehow didn't work out were for the best. I'm so glad she talked me out of some of the others! Do you hear this, guys! Trust her instinct and trust that you will find the ONE that's right for you both! This is the best Christmas present ever!

I can't wait 'til Spring. Kinda scary buying property in the dead of winter. Not quite sure what it's all going to look like.

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