Monday, December 10, 2012

(Dec 10) Planning our 1st structure

Thinking things through, we both agree that the first thing we need to build out there is a deck. Something to make as a base camp. Something to get the tent up off of the ground when it rains. Kim finds some plans we like online for a 12'x12'. This should be plenty big for a descent round table and 6 chairs. Did I mention we'll save a little room on the edge for a cooler of beer! I work up a supply list along with a plan to string DC Christmas lights from the surrounding trees. A Deep Cell battery should power the lights for some time. We'll just take the battery with us and let it charge in the truck on the round trip home and back for a while 'til I can figure out where I want a solar panel mounted to charge it. Kim researches and finds a deck sealant she likes and starts putting together a budget for the wood. Not too bad, about $450 if I can't find any wood to recycle. I'll start hitting Craig's List for a source.

Moss growing along the banks of the creek. I've always had a fascination with moss. I can't get enough of it!

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