Friday, December 7, 2012

(Dec 7) Scramble Time

Well, now we've got 2 weeks to get all of this pulled together. We're taking some money out of a retirement account for the down payment. They're supposed to take 2 weeks to get us a check. Kim's checking to see if she can get them to expedite the check to us. We'll figure out something if it doesn't show on time. I took the earnest money to the title company today. They told me the only thing that could hold us up on the deadline is getting the survey completed. They tell me to budget $800-$900 to get it done in a rush! Crap! that's a lot of money for someone to walk around with a GPS and a metal detector. (yes, I know they do a lot more than that. I'm just still in shock) I can't believe there's not a survey on file somewhere at the county considering the property has been sold twice in the past 10 years. I'll go down to the court house and shake a few limbs. Maybe I get lucky.

Fallen tree on back of property. I don't ever remember seeing a tree grow in a spiral pattern like this before.

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