Tuesday, December 4, 2012

(Dec 4) An offer is made

Well, it took a few days of wrangling with the bank but we finally got a "Pre-Approved" letter signed and an offer turned in on the property. I'm not a patient man once I've made up my mind. I really wanted all of this process to be done in a matter of hours. We find the property. We like the property. We negotiate a price. We sign papers and shake hands. We start clearing a driveway the next morning. Hmmm. Hasn't quite happened that way. Really should have had the approval letter done before hand. Could have shaved some time off of it. Realtors don't seem to sense my urgency. Keep telling me to "Be patient. Sometimes these small deals are the trickiest." I know it seems small to them. There's no 5 bedroom house. We're not dealing with a 1000+ acre ranch. But this is a big deal to me! Now we play the waiting game.

80' oak on the back third of the property. Can't wait to see it in the Spring!

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