Friday, December 7, 2012

(Dec 7) Planning ahead

Please remember all of the veterans out there on Pearl Harbor Day! 

I called several water well drilling companies. They all gave me the same story - No Aquafer! Can't drill a well in this area. Seems strange that less than a mile from the 4th largest lake in Texas, you can't get water out of the ground. Oh well. Plan B. I call the water company. Confirmed they have a water line running along the property to the neighbor's house so no extra expense to bring in the main. They do want $1,250 to tap in a new meter. Actually much cheaper than I expected. They quoted us $4,500 for a new meter at our property at Lake Whitney years ago. Guess why we never did that one! We'll put this in the budget and start working on it. Need to get the title in hand first! (I did tell you patience is not one of my virtues! lol)

I went to the court house to look for a survey. I found what I thought they were looking for. Documents describing the original 350+ acre farm, the 16 acres that was cut out when originally sub-divided, the 4 acres sold off of that in the last transaction. Surely this would do. I called the title company and they tell me "NO"! They want the actual drawings from a surveyor, not just the legal description. They tell me the bank won't finance without a proper survey. I step around again and call the bank officer directly. He says they are fine with a good legal description as long as I'm satisfied that I'm getting what I think I'm getting. Get it? I sit down with a straight edge and a compass for a while and draw it all out, every detail in the legal descriptions. Then apply a bit of HS math that I haven't used in 30 years and come up with exactly 12 acres and one headache. I send all of this to the title company as well as the bank and everyone now says they're happy and moving forward. Amazing. Sometimes if you accept the way  people do their jobs, things never get done or they cost you a fortune. A sigh of relief that we saved the $800+ and are back on schedule. We should make our deadline of Christmas. Can't wait to roast some marshmallows on an open campfire!

Bridge over the creek. I think we could drive a tank over this thing. Very heavy duty!

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