Monday, June 1, 2015

(May 31) 1st Window Trimmed

Made it out on Sunday to do a little work. Weather's been really pretty for a couple of days but still lots of standing water. There's still a solid flood coming over the top of the Lake Tawakoni dam. It's quite a sight. There was a line of people standing roadside watching. After so many years of worrying about the lakes drying up, now people are worried about their houses getting washed away. There was still some water standing at our property but not bad, mainly in the road! Hopefully, we'll have a driveway put in this summer.

Riley, our grandson, came out with us. He's always lots of help.

We decided to finish framing the window we cut for last week. Kim got all of the boards painted and set out to dry as I cut some pieces for another window. The paint looks really nice on the smooth pine. We had to make a few adjustments as we put the frame together but it looked great when we were finished. The hardest part was figuring out the angled cuts on the wrap-around trim. I think it's time also for a band-saw. I've been cutting the notches for the sills with a jig-saw but would really like for those cuts to be a little cleaner.

We'll caulk some of the edges and give it one last coat of paint. We keep marching a little closer to finishing. It's very exciting!

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