Monday, June 1, 2015

Storage Building Photos

Our house actually started out to be a storage building. We were going to keep our building materials and tools in there as well as camp in it while we were building the house. The more time we spent in it, the realization that it could work as a house sank in. We eventually figured out that we really did need a storage building. It was just getting to be too much with all of the tool and supplies stored in the house while we were trying to work on it. I got the idea of making a building out of recycled warehouse pallet racks, like the use in Home Depot and Costco. 12' by 12' with 12' ceiling. Very strong. Pre-assembled. It went OK until we started working on finishing it out. The steel just made it very difficult to deal with getting it sealed off from bugs. It's still a work in progress. At least we have everything that's non-essential out of the house though! That has been a blessing.

1500 pounds of Steel was about all I could haul with my truck at one time. Had to stop and put some extra air in the tires. :o

We laid the rails out and then leveled them with cinder blocks

Large steel bolts through 4"x6" lumber should hold the upright in place

One upright done. Five to go.

All of the uprights attached and the floor rails installed along with the floor supports

Upper rails attached and the frame is done

Attaching 3/4" decking

Rafters going up

Setting final pieces before the roof goes on

Roof deck on along with wall studs

Sabrina, helping frame the outside of the building so we can attach galvanized steel

Frame completed on North side

Steel panels installed and ready to move on to East wall. Starting to take shape.

3 walls completed with steel siding.

Sabrina, standing next to completed wall for scale. 

Finally got the tools and materials out of the house. Storage building is shrinking quickly!


  1. That looks like a great project. We have just finished all of our in home projects. We redid all of our bathrooms and our kitchen. We repainted all of the rooms and made a few adjustments here and there. The next project is the garden. As soon as we finish that we are thinking about selling it and buying again.

    Traci Mcdaniel @ CMH-INC

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! It's been a labor of love. This was our first house build and we're pretty excited about it. The wife's already talking about building another one. :o I may rest for a bit after we finish this although she reminds me that "there's no rest for the wicked!" lol Drop me some pics of your place. I would love to see.