Monday, June 1, 2015

Wildlife Photos

Various wildlife we've encountered on the property

We hadn't hardly gotten the structure up when the birds started nesting! :) 

Tufted Tit Mouse

Carolina Chickadee

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Our window tint allows us to stand within inches of the birds as they feed without them seeing us

Box Turtle that we dug up while clearing spot for house

Walking Stick that decided to help with drywall one day

Hog tracks

Not sure what these were from but they were pretty large

Blue Tailed Skink

Lizard that was hanging out on window ledge one morning

Cottonmouth Moccasin floating in the creek by the bridge when we went on a walk. I carry a gun now when I head out.

Rat snake that was hanging out by the generator one day

Large snake skeleton we found on the back of the property

Green racer that came through camp

Brown Recluse right before I killed her and her 200 babies!
Racer hiding out in the crack of a stump

Baby toad blending in to the leaves. 1000s of them in Spring of 2015 because of the flooding.

Family of Raccoons eating by the front porch one night.

Yes, the squirrels eat half of the bird seed we put out. Not a bad price for this much cute!

Anxiously awaiting his breakfast outside the front window. "Give me a minute and I'll get my shoes on!" :) 

Raccoon family feeding at midnight outside front door

Blue Garter Snake hanging out by the storage building

White Throated Sparrow that hit a window and needed to rest for a bit

Carolina Chickadee that came inside and got confused. He bit really hard considering his head's only about as big as the end of my pinky!!  LOL

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