Monday, June 1, 2015

Kitchen Photos

We really wanted a full sized kitchen. We do so much cooking, I just couldn't see skimping on this. We did put in a temporary counter that Kim picked up at IKEA for $30. It served us well here for 6 months and now it's serving us again in the workshop.

We built a frame out of steel for our temporary counter

Completed frame

Temporary counter in place

Exposed wall behind AC and Fridge

AC and shelves installed in kitchen corner

Shelves finished out in kitchen

Final countertop and drawers installed along with double sink

Drawers pull out to reveal butcher top for extra work space

Faucet installed

Plumbing installed

Not a bad job on the plumbing. Hardest part was getting a hole cut in the floor for the drain pipe.

Kitchen counter/cabinet with end boards and secured to the wall

Exhaust vent added to Microwave/Vent-a-hood

Stove and microwave/ventahood


Fridge with bathroom door

Kitchen view from living room

South Window framed. Island pulled out. 

East Window framed

Kitchen from living room

Kitchen trim replaced

New kitchen trim installed

Kitchen sink drain


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your design ideas! I really like that kitchen sink set up, and the beautiful wood you incorporated into the kitchen wall pantry. Your family is an inspiration :)

    1. Thanks so much! We really didn't have any plans going into the project. We've just kind of winged it the whole way! lol We're really happy how it's coming along. :)