Monday, June 1, 2015

Interior Photos

Photos of the interior build out

Rented a sheet rock lift for $30 for the weekend. Best money we spent so far!

Determining placement for kitchen lights

Corey Hagen helping install sheet rock on the walls

Finished sheet rocking the South wall

View of North West interior corner

Sheet rock finished on South wall
Dramatic difference after I install window tint.

Electrical panel installed and wired

Installing vinyl plank flooring

Flooring done. Not bad for an afternoon with 2 old people and a kid! 

Tongue and Groove pine installed on ceiling

Ceiling on West side of building

We found some Beetle Kill Pine at Home Depot. I think it looks great on this North wall!

Our 1st try at building a craftsman style window casing. Loving it! 8 more to go.

New sleeper sofa just arrived. At 350 pounds, it was beast to get into the house.

Sofa unfold to a solid platform. Great daily sleeper.

Drawer unit as base for desk

IKEA PAX closet with Elfa drawers from Container Store.

Steel rack we built for microwave vent-a-hood unit

Microwave/vent-a-hood with exhaust pipe through the wall 
Bathroom door before finishing

Bathroom door after Tung Oil finish

Bathroom walls with brick and Elfa shelves

Kitchen appliances installed

Barn style door hung for bathroom

Barn style door finished on bathroom

New stool is nice and wide but still shallow in depth. 

New table for entertainment center

TV on table

All pulled out for seating.

Pull them out as you need them

They all tuck under the TV stand nicely and give you lots of floor space. 

Added cabinet for vacuum, broom, mop, etc from IKEA

Got the Door and windows on west side framed

Had the grandson out helping put on baseboards. He'll be building his own Tiny soon! LOL

Framed the north windows

Framed the south windows 

Changed out the framing on a window that we had painted. We really like the natural wood look better.

New trim in living area

New trim

New trim

Added plinth blocks to trim

Bathroom Door with new cabinet from IKEA

Interior from the door with our new cabinet/bar installed

View from the kitchen of the living area

Interior view with Bar

New display cabinet in living room


  1. Project looks awesome! Love the beetle kill pine...Im pondering it for my cabin as well.
    Did you guys use the v-groove or flush-groove on the beetle kill t&g?

    Francis Valerio

  2. Thanks for the like! We lucked out and walked into a local Home Depot right after they got their 1st shipment of beetle kill pine. I got to pick through it and get just the pieces I wanted for this project. It was actually cheaper than the plain pine T&G we used on the ceiling. All of this because we didn't want to spend the next month taping and bedding and sanding the sheetrock that we had just put up! lol It really helped solve a lot of the imperfections that we were going to have to work around. We used V-Groove on both. Simple to put up and covers quickly. We didn't treat or finish the wood. We tried a piece before we put it up and didn't like the way it changed the color of the beetle kill. Best of luck on your project and thanks again for reading and commenting. :)

  3. Your house is giving me so much inspiration!! We're going to look into steel construction now. The interior is gorgeous and well thought out. Very impressive work, boys and girls ;)

  4. Thanks, Sarah! Where are you building? So funny, the whole thing has just kind of come together in pieces as we go. We didn't really have plans going into it and we've been winging it along the way. I'm glad you're looking into steel. I have some construction guides for working with steel I could send if you need. Just let me know. :) Thanks again for reading. ~ Jay

  5. Your house is Fab ! Where did you find that couch ? always trying to find a more confortable couch sleeper than what we have !

    1. Thanks! American Leather sold by Haverty's.