Monday, June 1, 2015

Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle is what it's all about. A little for everyone to do when they come out. You can relax, cook, work, read, sleep, hike, ride the go-kart or watch nature at it's best. It's truly another world.

Cooking over an open fire or just hanging out at night by a warm fire brings out the best in our experiences. 

Nothing like having family out and enjoying a hearty breakfast on a cool morning!

Our 1st bottle of wine shared in our new house. Love you, Sweetie! :)

Stephanie's first time shooting a gun. She, like most women I know, did very well! 

David, feeding The Beast! Fill this bad boy up and it'll burn for 3 days!

Getting the family out into nature is a precious reward.

Nothing like a great slice of watermelon after you've been sweating all day working on the house

Mmmmm. Hot Buttered Rum on a cold night while listening to the coyotes singing. It's good to be the KING!

Enjoying a couple of cold beers after clearing land

Replacing the Go-Kart brakes with the kids. I love having them involved.

It all centers around the fire at night. This is the best time of day.

Best parts about the lifestyle - family and getting to relax!

New Rocket Stove

Flames were coming 4"-5" out of the top with just a few sticks!

After surgery for cut tendon getting supplies at Home Depot


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