Monday, June 1, 2015

Frame and Exterior Photos

Photos of the building process

We picked a location to clear and put the house

Batter boards in place after we cleared

Placed piers and leveled them. It was only 103° in the shade that day. What were we thinking!

Got the beams built and placed for the foundation 

Close-up of the beam detail

All of the floor Joists in place. 12" on center. I think I overdid it a bit but I wanted the floor to feel solid. It does!

A layer of tar paper to make sure nothing is splashing up under deck

Advantech decking. Performed great! 6 months in weather and almost couldn't tell. 

I put bolts all the way through the track and the beams.  

Track in place around perimeter. Ready for walls!

1st wall going up

Top plate going on South wall

Framing in window openings

Walls and window openings finished

Supports for rafters on top of walls

Kim got really good at cutting steel. Nice thing about steel - 5 times the strength and ½ the weight as wood.

David Caruso helping set the rafters

Putting the cap on the rafters. I really needed a taller ladder!

Roof Frame Finished

You can actually see the shape of it now! Very exciting!

Facia and decking going up

David and me setting the roof deck

Laying tar paper

Radiant barrier on underside of roof

Steel pins to shoot our of our new siding nailer. $250 for a box! Saved many, many hours of labor over screws though.

Openings for windows cut out of North wall

Finished cutting out openings for windows and door

I used the sheathing with radiant barrier on east, south and west exposures. No sun on the north side so didn't bother with it. 

Tar paper on the exterior. Was very heavy and stiff. I'll use Tyvek next time.

View of interior after  windows and door installed 

East wall

South wall

Installing a window on the North wall

Windows installed

Adding flashing around the windows

Door installed

Sweeping ice off of the deck so we could start laying steel roofing

Screwing on the galvanized steel roofing

I got it pretty straight. Not bad for eye-balling!

Grandson, Riley, helping paint the Hardi boards

Front after Hardi boards and trim added

Good view showing how much shade we get most of the year. 

Roof Flashing and soffit finalized

Roof Flashing and Gutter finalized

Colonial Red door! Boom! :)

Front Deck built :)

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  1. that is terrific.I want to build on an old camper trailer.hoping to use metal not wood for weight reduction and strength.